Proposed Working Groups

From time to time Accellera may establish a Proposed Working Group (PWG) to examine the validity and need for a proposed standards development project. A PWG is authorized to operate up to six (6) months. The purpose of the PWG is to identify interest in a proposed project and report its recommendations to the Accellera Technical Committee.

The purpose of a PWG is mainly to collect requirements for a standardization project, identify potential working group participants, and gain Accellera support to authorize the creation of a new working group to define a standard.

To ensure representation from all impacted parties and balance among the industries affected by a proposed standard, a call for participation is issued when a PWG is formed to ensure materially interested parties can participate. Proposed Working Groups are open to participation by both Accellera members and the community (non-members) subject to Accellera’s Policies & Procedures.

Current PWGs

There are currently no proposed working groups