Acronyms and Definitions

AMS: Analog Mixed-Signal
CCI: Configuration, Control & Inspection
DVCon: Design & Verification Conference
EDA: Electronic Design Automation
GET: Free IEEE LRM download program
IC: Integrated Circuit
IP: Intellectual Property
IPR: Intellectual Property Rights
IP-XACT: Metadata standard for IP integration
IEEE: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
ITC: Interface Technical Committee
LWG: Language Working Group
OCI: Open Compression Interface
OSCI: Open SystemC Initiative
OVI: Open Verilog International
PSL: Property Specification Language
SDF: Standard Delay Format
SC: SystemC
SCV: SystemC Verification
SPIRIT: Structure for Packaging, Integrating, and Reusing IP within Tool-flows
SV: System Verilog
SWG: Synthesis Working Group
TLM: Transaction-Level Modeling
UCIS: Unified Coverage Interoperability Standard
UPF: Unified Power Format
UVM: Universal Verification Methodology
V-AMS: Verilog-Analog Mixed-Signal
VHDL: VHSIC hardware description language
VI: VHDL International
VIP: Verification Intellectual Property